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Bio - Theo van Oostrom

I was born in New Zealand and currently live in Australia.
My greatest influence was Salvador Dali whose better paintings has
for a long time stood out to me as projecting a vibrant, visual clarity
equalled by no one. Dali understood the Old Masters methods and took
it further simply by his ability to stylize - to add selected complex
detail where necessary and omitting detail for visual simplicity and
clarity. The subject matter he chose for his themes often included
many elements that, as a total sum, gave enormous scope to his work.
Dali's complete body of work was contradictory and ranged from
the worst possible to the best ever. His best include:

Corpus Hypercubus
The Ecumenical Council
El Sacramento de la Ultima
The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus
Gala Nude from Behind Looking in an Invisible Mirror
Christ of Saint John of the Cross
The Madonna of Port Lligat
Santiago El Grande
Basket of Bread
My Wife Nude
Lada Atomica

Contemporary Romantic Realism is my only choice of genre.
Romantic realism for me is the idea that art must be representational
and uplifting - two clearly defined and interrelated aspects that
make-up an artwork. Representational or realist painting that displays
artistic precision resulting in clarity is the only style that will
do justice to any chosen subject and theme that is important to me.
Clarity in painting reflects an artist's view of man's mind, his
clarity of thought. Uplifting art which projects life-affirming values
and virtues, reflecting my view of man and how he or she should deal
with the world - themes that portray the best within mankind,
essentially portraying man as possessing free will and acting upon reason.

My favourite book on aesthetics is The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand.
A book which is a must-read for anyone interested in the clarification
on the topic of art, and why great art is a fuel for the human spirit.

Here is a quote from Ayn Rand:
"The subject of an artwork expresses a view of man's existence,
while the style expresses a view of man's consciousness.
The subject reveals an artist's metaphysics,
the style reveals his psycho-epistemology."

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